‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Star Audrina Patridge’s Relationship History Is Insanely Complicated

The Hills were alive with the sounds of drama. Ten years ago, we faced the music of a bunch of somethings trying to make it in Hollywood: Lauren Conrad of Laguna Beach fame was our heroine, working at a little magazine called Teen Vogue , and her best friend Heidi Montag was her trusty sidekick. Over the course of several seasons, we watched as sidekicks turned to villains, with Heidi falling into the clutches of the antihero Spencer Pratt, all while Whitney Port, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Lo Bosworth, and, of course, Justin Bobby, were caught in the fray. We felt their reign on our skin. But when the finale pulled back on an emotional Kristin-Brody goodbye to reveal a soundstage, we fans were left to grapple with the ultimate reality TV questions: was absolutely all of this fake? You know what you did, Hills producers. So we went ahead and did something ourselves. What can we say?

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt’s Complete Relationship Timeline

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Heidi Montag Pratt shared her current standing with former co-star Lauren Conrad. Pratt expressed that she thought they were going to be friends again, but not all friendships can be fixed. There was a rumor that Conrad had a sex tape with ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler. According to EOnline. Conrad responded by claiming Spencer took full responsibility and apologized.

Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad turned down the offer to join her former cast members, with sources telling TMZ at the time that the mogul was too.

By Iona Kirby for MailOnline. He was the bad boy of Laguna Beach, and then The Hills, but now Jason Wahler is older and wiser, and reflecting on his troubled time in the spotlight. The former reality star has landed his own E! True Hollywood Story, which airs this Thursday evening, and is speaking candidly about his battle with alcoholism, and his famous exes. And both of the lovely ladies got married this year within six weeks of each other.

Scroll down for video. Telling his tale: Jason Wahler, pictured in September, has landed his own E! True Hollywood Story, which airs on November Rocky road: The reality star said that his alcohol addiction was ‘full-fledged’ when he was dating Lauren Conrad, who he is seen with in May , and appearing on The Hills.

Growing apart: Jason admits he now rarely speaks to Lauren, who married William Tell on September Still friends: The year-old remains close with high school girlfriend and Laguna Beach co-star Alex Murrel. True Hollywood story which his wife will feature on , as well as a documentary which he is filming at the moment.

How ‘The Hills’ cast has grown up since the reality show first aired 12 years ago

In anticipation of the newly announced reboot The Hills: New Beginnings , here’s a rundown of the original cast, then and now. The series followed the former Laguna Beach High School student as she made her way to Los Angeles to chase her fashion dreams. She left The Hills in the show’s fifth season and kicked off a successful business career in the lifestyle space soon after.

Wondering what went down after that LC–Justin Bobby drama? Lauren of hooking up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bobby.

The Hills is returning to MTV — a sentence that instantly made the teenagers in us fist-pump. Natch, some of the OGs from the noughties show gathered for a reunion on the red carpet — drama, drama, drama as K-Cavallari would have said. It didn’t take long for some of the fan favourites to start confirming their involvement in the upcoming series, and here’s who we have got so far:. The first to break her silence on the news, Stephanie actually did the voiceover for the initial teaser trailer.

Younger reality TV fans may know her from more recent days on Made in Chelsea , but Steph actually shot to fame on The Hills, having starred in seasons three to six. If she didn’t happen to be sunbathing in their apartment complex that day, things could have been a whole lot different But since the show finished filming back in , she rekindled a romance with Corey Bohan who also appeared in a few episodes and the pair ended up getting married and having a daughter together. Audrina filed for divorce in Yes, Audrina’s infamous ex is also rejoining the line-up.

But no, it’s not likely that they’ll be getting back together. In a chat with ET , he revealed that a romance between them is “not gonna happen”. It would be hard to see a reboot of the show working without these two, as it was the Pratts who provided most of the drama.

The truth about The Hills: New Beginnings

When The Hills aired in , it became a cultural phenomenon. The glitzy reality drama followed Laguna Beach alumna Lauren Conrad to the mean streets of Los Angeles, where she battled douchey fuckboys, backstabbing besties, and Teen Vogue. When I watched The Hills at 14 years old, I thought it was aspirational: a story about a flaw-free heroine, Conrad, who had bad things done to her by bad people.

The Hills star Whitney Port has revealed the famous scene where Lauren one finale when Lauren Conrad (AKA LC), chose Jason Wahler over a life-changing trip to place right now, The Hills: New Beginnings doesn’t yet have an air date.

Subscriber Account active since. Back in the early s, “The Hills” was everyone’s guilty pleasure. It was almost impossible to ignore the endless drama happening between Lauren Conrad and her friends in beautiful Los Angeles. For years, viewers watched the cast get into relationships, go through breakups, destroy friendships and make new ones, attempt to start careers, and eat lunch in what must have been every restaurant in LA.

Since the show ended in , a lot has happened to the main cast. They’ve all grown up, some have gotten married, a few have had kids, and some have gone on to be successful in a surprising way. And now, we’re about to learn even more about them: at the VMAs, MTV announced that they would be reuniting much of the original cast for a reboot called ” The Hills: New Beginnings.

Although Lauren, the show’s original main character, and Kristin Cavallari won’t be returning for the new show, the rest of the cast will be there.

A Date with the Past

The series followed Lauren Conrad and her friends through their college years in the city, taking viewers along to experience every dramatic high and low. Unfortunately, Conrad left the show mid-season five and the show only went on for one more season. Luckily for fans, The Hills recently returned with a reboot, The Hills: New Beginnings , where fans got to catch up with some of their favorite reality stars and get to know some new faces. From to now, many beloved and controversial relationships have come out of the series.

Conrad’s one-time BFF stirred up plenty of drama on The Hills, and famously fell out with LC after she began dating Spencer Pratt, he who.

All quintessential reality couples have ups and downs. Now that they’re vaguely rekindling things on The Hills: New Beginnings , it’s clearer than ever how engrained that on-off dynamic is for these two — and how hard it will be for them to ever break it. When they met, Justin Bobby was an emotionally unavailable haircutter and aspiring musician, and Audrina an aspiring actor who hoped she could change him.

For years, Audrina rekindled their romance over and over, and got crushed every time. In this week’s episode of New Beginnings — nearly a decade after we watched them last part ways — Audrina muses to a producer: “Justin has the sweetest heart. It’s so confusing and it’s so hard to put together all these mixed signals. At this point, MTV may as well be airing re-runs of their time together.

Let’s take a look through their relationship timeline — and see just how far we haven’t come. Justin Bobby and Audrina actually met a few years prior, when he and Audrina were working at Quixote Studios. Audrina asked him to cut her hair, the Hills producers asked him to come on the show, and the rest was history. We first meet Justin and his infamous beanie at a dinner date, and it’s immediately clear that Justin is equal parts good looking and bad news.

To be fair, Audrina’s friends were pretty predisposed to dislike him from what they’d heard; but Justin Bobby is also immediately abrasive.

The real reason Lauren Conrad is not returning for The Hills: New Beginnings

Wedding bells rang for L. On July 5, , the pair welcomed son Liam James, and on Oct. She romanced frenemy Conrad’s beaus on the show, but in real life, Cavallari tied the knot with now former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in June

Audrina finalized her divorce in and has been dating ever since. While Lauren Conrad won’t be joining won’t be joining the cast of The Hills.

ITV launching ‘ground-breaking’ new dating show to replace Love Island. After Lauren’s decision despite the entire world shouting at their TV screens , the trip was later offered to Whitney, with Lauren forever being known as ‘The girl who didn’t go to Paris. She said, “That was so ridiculous. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but I thought, okay, this is good for me because I really was pursuing a career in fashion. I thought it showed that I was down and determined to do this.

It was very Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs. And then, after filming the dramatic departure scene, everyone just went home. Meanwhile, in more happier The Hills news, it was announced back in that the show will be returning to our screens for a reboot called The Hills: New Beginnings.

Where Has Justin Bobby Been Since ‘The Hills’?

The Hills star Lauren Conrad is ready to welcome her second child any day now. Lauren posted the beautiful picture on Tuesday and it’s got to be one of the most glamorous pregnant photos we’ve EVER seen. We still have so much prep to do! And thank you hannahskvarla for taking this photo on our way back from the pool. This counts as a maternity shoot, right? The star, who is married to William Tell, has the perfect bump — all tum and no weight on anywhere else.

The big announcement was made at the MTV VMAs last year, with a teaser trailer for The Hills: New Beginnings being dropped during the star-.

It’s been more than a decade since we first watched Lauren Conrad drive her beamer convertible into the Hollywood Hills with Natasha Bedingfield’s voice blasting in the background. Now the show is back with a reboot and almost all of the original cast—plus a few new faces. Find out what everyone’s been up to in the years between the finale and now. Back in , fresh off of Laguna Beach and ready to make a name for herself with her own show, LC headed for Los Angeles with the cameras in tow.

The biggest question everyone’s had since The Hills reboot was first announced was if the OG star was going to make an appearance. Sadly, no. Conrad’s busy managing a lifestyle website, a non-profit, and her clothing line with Kohl’s. She also married William Tell in and is expecting her second child with him this year. When Conrad’s neighbor at Hillside Villas, Patridge, swam up and introduced herself at their pool , she added some much needed edge to the blonde, Chanel-clad cast.

The Epic Records receptionist had her fair share of drama too, especially when it came to boys. Patridge joined the reboot as a newly-single mother after filing for divorce from ex-husband Corey Bohan in September There were times when I broke down on camera because I couldn’t hold it together,” Patridge told People.

Montag started out as Conrad’s spunky and loyal BFF, but things quickly turned for the worse when the roommates had a falling out over Montag’s relationship with Spencer Pratt more on that in a second and a “sick little rumor. Montag is back for The Hills: New Beginnings and admits she was happy frenemy Conrad passed on the opportunity: “I actually was kind of excited Lauren wasn’t on it because I felt like it was more freeing and fair, like, for me,” Montag told Good Morning America.

Lauren Conrad Reunites With Ex-Boyfriend Stephen Colletti