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Automotive Specialty Tools. Shop All Mechanics Tools. Protection Agreement If it breaks, we’ll fix it. Price Match find it for less, we’ll give you the same price. Hand tools are the basic components of a comprehensive tool collection. Professional craftsmen know that having the right tool is essential for completing any job. From fastening bolts to hammering nails to sawing boards, no task is out of reach when you have a selection of hand tools at your disposal.

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In an earlier article we reviewed the Early Craftsman Tools of the late s through mid s, and a separate article covered the Craftsman “BE” and H-Circle line of sockets in greater depth. In this page we’ll look at the Craftsman “Modern Era” that began around , with a particular emphasis on the manufacturer of the Craftsman “V” series tools. But before revealing the identity of “Maker V”, we want to briefly discuss the origin and intent of the modern era tools.

By the early s the Craftsman brand was about 15 years old and had become highly successful. The Craftsman line included a full range of mechanics’ hand tools by this time, from sockets and drive tools to wrenches and pliers, as well as a broad range of woodworking tools and power tools. And the tools had an excellent reputation for quality — from the beginning, the Craftsman line had been built by selecting tools from leading makers, ensuring their quality and functionality.

Craftsman Tools: Where Are They Now?

Fill your toolbox with durable and quality tools and sets from Sears. From Craftsman power tools to manual hand tools, Sears gives you access to the tools you need for almost any job. Repair the bathroom plumbing with Empire and Imperial pipe and tube cutters, and keep the car running its best when you use Craftsman mechanics tool sets and auto specialty tools. From DIY jobs to professional contract work, you can find the tools you need at Sears.

Craftsman and Ingersoll-Rand are just two name brands that feature high-quality impact wrenches for loosening and tightening lug nuts.

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One frequently asked question concerning Sears tools is “Who made this product for Sears? Some prefixes have been used for more than one manufacturer, and several manufacturers have been assigned more than one prefix. A list of manufacturers is compiled here. Those entries that contain lower case are for tools that have been compared to non-Craftsman models made by the same manufacturer, or from indications as to the OEM in the documentation or model number tag.

Thanks go to Ken Vaughn for compiling the original list. Since it is difficult to verify the accuracy of these sources, any new data is simply added to the list. Please note that this list likely contains errors and is certainly not complete. If a prefix is not included in this list, I do not know the OEM and it would be a waste of time to email me–sorry.

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Will Lowe’s honor Craftsman lifetime warranties?

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I am starting to guess the hand tools catalog with the pliers on the cover, with a copyright date, may be the catalog. If this guess is true.

This history of woodworking hand tools from the 17th to the 20th century is one of a very gradual evolution of tools through generations of craftsmen. As a result, the sources of changes in design are almost impossible to ascertain. Published sources, moreover, have been concerned primarily with the object shaped by the tool rather than the tool itself. The resulting scarcity of information is somewhat compensated for by collections in museums and restorations. In this paper, the author spans three centuries in discussing the specialization, configuration, and change of woodworking tools in the United States.

The Author: Peter C. PETRIE concluded a brief article on “History in Tools” with a reminder that the history of this subject “has yet to be studied,” and lamented the survival of so few precisely dated specimens. What Petrie found so discouraging in studying the implements of the ancient world has consistently plagued those concerned with tools of more recent vintage. Anonymity is the chief characteristic of hand tools of the last three centuries.

When tracing the provenance of American tools there is the additional problem of heterogeneous origins and shapes—that is, what was the appearance of a given tool prior to its standardization in England and the United States? The answer requires a brief summary of the origin of selected tool shapes, particularly those whose form was common to both the British Isles and the Continent in the 17th century.

Guide to Collecting Antique Hand Tools

From planes and saws to levels, wrenches, and rules, antique hand tools are the pride and joy of many a collectors’ possessions. Depending on the condition of the tool and its type, a good tool can be worth a few hundred dollars. Whether you are a novice collector or are looking to add specific pieces to your collection, this handy guide will give you the basics of collecting antique hand tools.

Wood planes are one of the most popular collectible hand tools around. They are used to hold a chisel stationary so that the woodworker can thin or shape boards of wood.

From planes and saws to levels, wrenches, and rules, antique hand tools are the pride and joy of many a collectors’ possessions. Depending on the condition.

Woodworkers, mechanics and crafts people have loved Craftsman tools for years, because of their lifetime warranty. If one broke, you could just return it and get a new one free. Gary Galloway loves working on old cars, like the Plymouth with a V8 under the hood he was tinkering with this sunny afternoon. His tool of choice: Craftsman, because of its lifetime replacement warranty if they ever fail. So when his socket wrench recently broke, he didn’t worry about his local Sears having recently closed.

He knew that his nearby Lowe’s now sells Craftsman. Problem is, Galloway discovered, that the old tools sold by Sears and the new craftsman tools sold by Lowe’s are different and have different part numbers.

Will Lowe’s stores honor Craftsman “lifetime” warranties?

Many savvy shoppers not only look for good deals, they also like to buy products that have a guarantee, promise or lifetime warranty. The reason for this is pretty obvious: These things tend to last longer , which can make them better bargains over time. The Federal Trade Commission says that lifetime warranties are often a source of confusion for consumers. That’s because they can be interpreted three different ways.

The Craftsman line included a full range of mechanics’ hand tools by this time, The cadmium finish suggests a manufacturing date in

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